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I am the alpha’s daughter, the alpha apparent, heir to our pack. A responsibility and destiny I have resented my entire life. I wish I could give it up, but that would be selfish. My father has made a deal with another wolf pack to marry me off to their heir. This pack is cruel and I will not stand for it. I do not need a male by my side to lead our people. Father also doesn’t know that I am in love with a witch. This deal sets things into motion that I am not prepared for.



Unexpected Friendship.


This is not my year.

Be careful what you wish for.

Triggers you may want to consider before diving in;

A fleeting suicidal thought




Death (parental, child, family)

Mention of abuse, including child abuse. It is brief and without detail.




Meet Karley, the ultimate multitasking maestro! Between juggling her bustling career and diving headfirst into the enchanting world of writing, she's also a graphic design graduate (with honors, no less!) gearing up to sprinkle some magic into the book scene this autumn.

Living in Canada, Karley rocks the single mom life alongside her loyal furry companions, Rogue and Kylo. With a heart as big as her love for all things fantastical, this self-professed mega-nerd is currently under the spell of Disney Dreamlight Valley on her trusty Switch. Watch out, world, Karley's weaving her own fairy tale!

Pathway Through A Dark Forest


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There once was a little girl who dreamed of sharing stories, of creating books for others to enjoy. One day the little girl grew up and was made to believe that she would never accomplish that dream. This saddened her, but she moved on. Until one day she broke from the cage society and her past put her in. She flew free and with purpose. She decided to pursue what brought her joy. That happened to be writing and publishing books.